Order. that’s the magic word. So, as long as there is a clear set of rules that govern our life, work, family, and almost every other thing, we will be happy. It has been proven before; the only way is to move forward, and planning & following through will guarantee your success. Ahmed is our Chief Executive Officer. He holds an MBA, and has more than 5 years of experience in advertising, and he is the backbone to all operations in our office. When he is free, he likes to be sarcastic and to tease everyone else in office.


Everything, everyone has a story, and definitely that story need to be told. And as long as everyone stays true to himself; how about telling that story in the most influential, inspiring way ever? The world will definitely be a much more beautiful place. Hesham is our English copywriter & social impact storyteller. He holds a BSc in Engineering, and has more than 5 years in advertising, and is always on the look for next interesting story to tell. When free he likes to have meaningful and deep conversations to improve other people’s lives.


Mastery has never been an easy thing, but it’s an appealing thing too. That’s why attention to details is a form of love, because every single one matters to complete the big picture, and to successfully excel in having a picture complete and in place; there is no bigger joy than that. Tamer is our Arabic copywriter & social impact storyteller. He holds a BSc in Business, and he has more than 5 years in the advertising industry. He is super attentive to the details who loves a challenge any given day. He also jumps at any football discussion to chime in with his wisdom.

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